Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Favorite 22 singles of 2013

This year the industry showed signs of life again - rewarding some bold moves (Macklemore's DIY success, Beyonce's secret album.... and can we say Miley was a risk taker? I think so) and punishing those who played it safe (Sorry Britney Army, KatyKats and Little Monsters).

But business aside, when I reflect on 2013 it will be through the music itself - each big memory trapped in a song, video or live performance.

Here is my year, boiled down to the 22 brilliant pop ditties that shaped it.

... happy 2014!

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#22 "There Goes Our Love again" - White Lies

What if you threw in some New Wave + Emo + Bro Music + The Killers in a blender? 

#21 "Madness" - Muse

Muse does Queen ...with a healthy dose of pheromones. 

#20 'Miracle' - Sir Sly


#19 "Walking Lightly" - Junip

Scandinavian pop brilliance.

#18 'The Way We Touch' - We Are Twin

Soulful Pop.

#17 'Darkness' - Du Tonc

Best Video of the year. Brings back story telling. Very sweet.

#16 'Elevate' - St. Lucia

I only have so much room for trendy hipster pop  (Sorry CHVRCHES, Haim, Say Lou Lou).

#16 'When the Night is Over' - The Magician

Favorite dance tune of the year.

#15 'Hanging On' - Active Child


#14 'I need Your Love' - Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding

Infectious. Although, Dear Calvin, time to take a year off or you'll end up as tired as Guetta.

#13 'Cups' - Anna Kendrick

No matter what your day threw up in your face, it's kinda hard to stay angry after listening to this.

#12 - 'Carried Away' - Passion Pit.

Manic pop. Last of the hipster pop entries.

#11 - 'Promises' - Presets

This will probably hit a radio near you in a few years (Following the trend set by Capital Cities and Gotye)

#10 - 'Can't Hold Us' - Macklemore

Epic Attitude. My pick for Sexiest Man Alive... move over Adam Levine.

#9 - 'Hunger' - Born Gold

"My bones are bending from how sick you've kept me love"

#8 - 'When I Fire Starts to Burn' - Disclosure

I didn't care for 90's house when it first happened, and I don't care for it now. The album everyone gushed about put me to sleep. But this propulsive song was just strange enough and fun enough to make a strong dent in my summer.

#7 - 'Stay' -  Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko

Rihanna is one uncanny sci-fi miracle. A sexy, lifelike robot created by record labels to crank out 20 hit singles per minute . 90% of its output is understandably putrid. But occasionally, it/she strikes gold and... feels almost human.

#6 - 'Afterlife' -  Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire prove they can rule the dance floor too.

#5 - 'Do What You Want' -  Lady Gaga

If she only stopped trying so hard..... the most straightforward and best song on ARTPOP.

#4 - 'Casino Lisboa' -  Dirty Beaches

I want to live inside this song.

#3 - 'Headshake' -  Saturday, Monday

Best summer song. And you can't have a decent 'best of' music list without Swedes on top.

#2 'Fall'

Dance pop perfection.


Best pop tune of the year. It was the rarest of things...a catchy song you're not ashamed to hum in public. Anti-bling and full of humor....  'Probably should have washed this, smells like R Kelly's Sheets... pisssssssss...'

A must if you're going to hole up in the Catskills for an icy winter.

Happy new year everyone!

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